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EPC & ECO (Warden) Training

It is the responsibility of the Senior Officers of all organisations to establish an Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) who must ensure a suitable site specific Emergency Plan and Procedures is prepared for their facility.

ECO Training

It is the responsibility of the Emergency Planning Committee to ensure all members of the ECO and its Fire Wardens are fully trained in order to be able to effectively implement the Emergency Plan, and be able to use Fire Equipment if that was the organisation’s policy.

Members of the ECO must also be trained to conduct Annual Evacuation Exercises.

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ECO and Staff Skills Retention via Online Learning

According to AS3745-2010, the members of the ECO must undergo Skills Retention Training at least 6 monthly. This Skills retention requirement can ideally be met by an Online Training Module for the Fire Wardens, whilst an Online Fire Extinguisher Module can help general staff understand the operation and use of Fire Extinguishers.

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Emergency Plan

The Emergency Plan and Emergency Response Procedures are to be prepared in accordance with Australian Standard AS3745-2010 and its recent Amendment 1 and in Health Care Facilities to AS4083-2010.

Statcom Systems has trained Emergency Planning Consultants who will help establish an AS3745 compliant Emergency Plan which will allow the organisation to be ready and able to respond effectively to an emergency.

Once an Emergency Plan has been established by the EPC, they must put in place an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO), responsible for the carrying out of the Emergency Plan. The ECO in association with the EPC will then prepare Emergency Response Procedures to ensure each emergency can be effectively responded to.

Emergency Response Procedures

The Emergency Response Procedures must be recorded in a written form and published in a site specific Emergency Response Procedures Manual for all to review, and must comply with AS3745-2010.

Evacuation Exercises

Emergency Evacuation Exercises must be carried out regularly to test the suitability of the Emergency Response Procedures which should then be revised if the Evacuation Exercise demonstrates that there are flaws in the current Emergency Response Procedures.

Evacuation Diagrams and Signs

Evacuation Diagrams and Signs are located throughout each facility to educate and inform all occupiers as to the location of all fire equipment, the nearest emergency exits, the Assembly Areas and who to call in the event of an emergency. The Evacuation Diagrams must comply with AS3745-2010 and its most recent Amendment 1.

Emergency Planning Consultants

Statcom Systems is able to provide professional services via its team of Emergency Planning Consultants to help prepare the Emergency Plans and Procedures, ensure all responsible staff and occupiers are trained, to help conduct the Evacuation Exercise and prepare all the Evacuation Diagrams for the facility. All Statcom Emergency Planning Consultants have completed the necessary Units of Competency in Emergency Procedures and also hold Queensland Occupational Licences.

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Contact Statcom Systems on (03) 9894 3888 today to talk to an Emergency Planning Consultant. We would be happy to meet with you onsite to discuss your specific organisational needs and to review your current Emergency Plans and Procedures, ECO Training needs and the supply or update of your Evacuation Diagrams.

Alternatively, send a meeting request to and one of Statcom’s Emergency Planning Consultants will call to confirm your proposed meeting time.


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